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A great place with a short walk to the event!
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Lodging Sponsors

Highland Bagpipes with George Harcrow
A Member of Callanish Pipe Band will play and talk about the bagpipes.

The Callanish Pipe Band serves as the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Honor Guard Pipes and Drums. They've played for the Sheriff's Regional Training Center Academy Graduation ceremony, funerals, graduations, parades, major and minor league sporting events, and other special activities including the annual Blue Mass, a ceremony sponsored by the Knight's of Columbus, honoring the men and women of all First Responders (Police, Fire, Paramedics, and Sheriff’s Department). The Blue Mass brought together multiple pipe bands that played to honor those in uniform. We are proud to provide this service to those who keep us safe.
Musical Programs
History Programs
Living History Village
Living History is a walk through the life and time of the Celtic people and their neighbors in trade and war.


Dark Boar (The The Norsemens)
We now know as early as 1500bc the Scandinavians were exchanging goods across the North Sea with the peoples of Ireland, and England. By the first century they were trading with the Romans. The fifth century found them hosting foreign merchants at bustling Scandinavian market towns.


Tuathui Niall
16th Century Irish Life wrapped up in a encampment.

Brunetta Black Smithing
Demos on the early age of iron all day long.

Royal Order of Scots
St. Andrew's is a non-profit guild re-enacting the court of Mary Queen of Scotland and the Isles at various Renaissance Faires and Festivals throughout Northern California. We also have a Youth Outreach Program where we bring history to life for students studying the Renaissance.
Come and see the Queen!
Educational and Anti-drug Programs

Young minds are fascinated by the images of powerful knights and beautiful ladies. Nothing captures their attention and imagination like having the Imperial Knights bring these images to life right in front of them. We can bring our show to your location and tailor it to fit any field or multi-purpose room.

Imperial Knights' educational programs bring history to life! Nothing get's students involved like having characters right out of their textbook speaking and answering their questions. In accordance with grade level standards we give an educational presentation complete with demonstrations and authentic tools.

Our Anti-drug show helps give kids the courage to "Just Say No" by inspiring them to follow their dreams in a unique and unforgettable way! While many other programs can have trouble getting through, students of all ages connect with our show's message.

Vendor Programs
Family History Surnames with Heritage Crest
This is a unique opportunity to look up your family name with their vast ancestral research data base. Find your family crest or clan badge with this great vendor.

Got Kilt
This vendor has many textiles so you can look fashionable wile proudly wearing your Family's Kilt or Fly.

Fawnridge Arts (The History of Games and Game Boards)
Talks about the history of games that you many have seen and taken for granted.

1700 A.D.

Rodgers Rangers Come and learn about the life of a Scottish solders with the use of black gun powder in the Colonial wars. So polish your musket and let the cannon balls fly!

Plus Performing Arts
George Harcow Bag Piper


The Universe According to Galileo

Thomas Wood

Archery for the kids
Clans And Schools Program
If you're Scottish or Irish Decent you can find out more about your family heritage at one of the many Clan Tents and get a lesson from one of the clan historians.
For Group Discount
For Schools, Originations and Families

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Family Day is a
Print the full Friday Program Here!
The 30th Annual
Sonora Celtic Faire
March 11th, 12th & 13th 2016

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"We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves."
~Galileo Galilei

The Universe According to Galileo Show™ is a unique interactive show with the Maestro himself. With the "help" of his house maid Marina Gamba, Galileo entertains & discusses the fundamentals of the budding science of astronomy of his time. (Circa: 1608-1611.) With the ever popular, Planets on a Stick™, Galileo asks for volunteers from the audience to become a living model of the known universe based on the theories of Aristotle, Ptolemy and Copernicus, as well as, his discoveries made with the telescope. By adding a touch of wit, improvisation and a little Italian Commedia Del' Arte flavor, you'll not only be entertained, but have a good time learning something as well.

The show is somewhat family orientated (PG-13), the show is versatile and flexible to accommodate for a children's audience and adult audiences. The show can be done with as little as a few people for an up close and personal show, to a full audience and everything in between.
Two teaser sets of family fun from the All Amrican Celtic pub band!
Barleyjuice was born out of Rock and Roll, reared on British Invasion, Country Western and Progressive Rock, and landed somewhere in the North Channel with a penchant for all things Celtic. Kyf, Swanny, Eric, Alice & Barnes welcome you to their playground of musical misbehavior. Kilts may be the preferred dress, but bagpipes, fiddle, accordion, mandolin, bouzouki, whistle, piano, harmonica, bass and drums cover them nicely even when they turn up naked.