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Since our inception in 2006, we have challenged ourselves to become the most professional and highest quality Highland Heavy Events group in Northern California. We provide the Celtic community with Professional Games within most Heritage Fairs and Celtic Celebrations. Magni Corps Throwing Club was established to provide athletes with a practice and performance group to better their own understanding of the Highland Games with rigorous training, which includes Weight Lifting, Equipment Practices, and Judge Training services to those who love the games but are not Athletes themselves.
The events include:
Stone Putting: A semi round cobble stone weighing 10lbs. 16lbs. or 22lbs. are thrown within the trig space, and putted with one hand for distance.
Scottish Hammer Toss: Weighing in at 12lbs. 16lbs. or 22lbs. this implement is whirled around the head and thrown behind the competitor.
Heavy Weight Throw: Starting at 14lbs. and going all the way up to 56lbs. this event is the strength contest within the games. the athlete usually spins to gain speed before releasing the implement to gain maximum distance.
Weight Over the Bar: Thrown with one hand this event is similar to the Weight throw except that this is for height and must clear the bar.
Sheaf Fling: This event uses a Pitch Fork and a weighted bag of straw. the competitor flings the bag over a bar for height.
Caber Toss: The Caber or Tree toss is a crowning achievement of all athletes. balancing a 12-22ft long pole on the shoulder and flipping the log completely over forming the arms of a clock face.

(Magni Corps)
Throwing Club
The 30th Annual
Sonora Celtic Faire
March 11th, 12th & 13th 2016

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