The 2018, Sonora Celtic Faire, will host the International Ultimate Jousting Championships * Real hard-hitting full contact jousting! No fake dinner show tournament acting! * Featuring some
of the best riders from the world of Jousting. The only Championship Joust on the West Coast of America, ONLY IN SONORA!!! March 9-11th, 2018
Knights of Mayhem


are the real deal, full contact, heavy armor jousters,
trained in medieval and renaissance war fare.
Led by reigning World Jousting ChampionCharlie Andrews, and his foreboding
team of brave dominating knights which include MMA fighters, bull rider,
professional women jousters and pro sport athletes.
KOM have appeared on a major television network, jousted and competed in
thousands shows, events and competitions and are ready for another year

Aside from the competitions, many of the jousting events are held at Renaissance
Fairs but they can testify that these performances are anything but a reenactment.

In a modern world of adrenalin fueled extreme sports, this ancient pastime is
looking to take the throne. Charlie and his KOMteam, undergo continuous and
intense trainingas they prepare to take full contact, heavy armor jousting from
predominating mainly at the renaissance fairs and into the arenas, making jousting a
full contact extreme pro sport. Jousting aggressive and is a head on collision.

It's a hard core, hard hitting, real sport.

KOMpractice a heavy armor style of jousting called Realgestech and what separates
Charlie's full contact style of jousting from all others, is the gear his Knights wear.

A special armored plate that acts as a target for the opponents lance and a grid that captures the lance, so your opponent received 100% of the blow.

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they will be preformers from all around the world. The 32st Sonora Celtic Faire is excited to announce our list of competitors for the Ultimate International Jousting Tournament this year, and they are: All knights will be using solid lances, Knights of Mayhem Style (No Fake break-away lances like at dinner shows)

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Ever wanted to sit down with one of King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table and talk Jousting over a shot of whisky or stout, we’ll now is your chance! This party is however limited to just a few fine nobles like you. The only requirement is you buy a ticket and have a fun time… A no-host bar will feature the Celtic Faires best ales & whiskies, music by the Wicked Tinkers- with selected performers, and a chance to meet & greet the “Knights of Mayhem” Jousting Team. The group’s leader, Sir Charlie Andrews, was recently featured on Netflix’s “GForces’, as well as his own National Geographic television program, “Knights of Mayhem’. Tickets are limited. Party starts at 7pm, Saturday March 11th. (21 & older)